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by Terra Sole Design Group


El Ranchito Restaurant Remodel
Restaurant Located In Old Town, La Quinta

by Terra Sole Design Group

Elevation Before Remodeling


Elevation After Remodeling


Elevation After Remodeling


All commercial projects shown on this website page were executed by Terra Sole Design Group (TSDG) partnership. TSDG is not a part of Gabriel King & Associates. TSDG operates under the California Business and Professional Code (CA B&P Code number 5535 through 5538 that requires applicable licensing professional). All work by TSDG was drafted by junior partner (per B&P Code 5535.2), Gabriel King. All drafting was executed under the direct supervision and the “immediate and responsible direction” of senior controlling partner with contractual veto power, Carlos Elias, RCE 16839, (per CA B&P Code 5537.1) under written contract per applicable CA B&P Codes. Additional information for your specific needs provided upon request.


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