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Dr. & Dr. Jesser
Modern Art Deco Home Located In La Quinta Hidden Within A Natural Jagged Rock Cove

Unique Home (As In No One Built Like It Still To This Day)
This is a very unique home we designed in 1988 located in the La Quinta Resort and Club.  The home is in the center of a small exclusive subdivision cove surrounded tightly by high rock mountain faces. Therefore we designed narrow but tall window to capture the 360 degree view of the surrounding peaks above the existing homes from standing on the ground floor of the structure. Standing on the center of the vacant lot, we discovered that all the magnificent views were captured by looking at a 45 degree angle upward over the existing homes to see the peaks of these jagged rock faced mountains.   Please notice the 18 foot high front entry door and the high windows directly over the fireplace. (We had to offset the chimney to accomplish that little trick.) 

Most windows are high enough to capture the peaks but narrow enough within thick walls to keep the direct sun rays out.  All window and door elements disappear by "floating" perpendicular within 4 to 6 foot thick wall jambs. Not only is this narrow and tall window design unique but it also affords great views while keeping the glass exposure to the heat at a minimum.  We also added vines planted in stainless steel trays on the roof.  These vines not only soften the tall wall surfaces but also buffer the plastered walls from the direct heat of the sunlight.

Working Drawing Elevations & Section @ Fireplace

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy
We also designed the home at the request of both Dr. Jesser's so that each bedroom did not have a party wall with any other bedroom or main room.  If you notice, each room is separated by two walls and an exterior space. No embarrassment from guests, not even those with young noisy children. For Doctors that sometimes have to work nights, privacy and sleep are an up most premium worth preserving.

Site Plan/Floor Plan/Landscape Plan

Our Energy Efficiency Makes It Cheap To Keep, Cheap To Build And Even Looks Much Nicer Too!
The interior dwelling space has our top of the line energy designed system.  Included are many separate high efficiency forced air- air conditioners.  Each air conditioner can be easily additionally zoned into 2 or more cooling areas. This design allows us to create up to 6 individually timed and thermostatically controlled heating or cooling zones.  We designed most of the supply and return air conditioning ducts to run under the slab.  This allowed us to keep a clean massive 18 ft high ceiling throughout the majority of the structure with none of the usual clutter of framed dropped ceilings to hide the ugly duct work. Even with the additional cost of going under slab with the air ducts, the client still saved money from the reduced cost of no soffett framing.  The client also saved on his Edison bill by saving the energy that would have been lost if the air conditioner had to push all that cool air through much longer and much warmer air ceiling ducts

Front Elevation

The owner now can selectively cool only the portions of the home he resides in by setting the thermostats manually or by timer. Example; during the night, they can choose to only cool the Master Bedroom Suite and the small walk area to the water closet/lavatory room. Since no one is ever in all the rooms at the same time, why cool all the rooms all the time?  


Reducing Carbon Footprints Before It Was Trendy
Our tradition of thoughtful heating and cooling design helps large home clients pay a  small home electric utility bill. We have been doing this type of energy saving design way before it was trendy to do so or even required to do so by recent code. Our designs have not only reduced the "carbon footprint" of our homes, but have also protected our clients from having to pay high summer utility bills.  

Another One Went Through The Building Department With No Corrections What So Ever

Plans went through the Homeowners Association and the City Building Department correction free. What a deal!



Working Drawing Elevations & Section @ Fireplace



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