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Butte Estate
Old World European Tuscany Villa Hidden Away Somewhere Within The Rancho Mirage Mountains

This incredible European style estate villa was drawn for Mr. and Mrs. Butte. Plans have recently cleared all the required submittals from the city of Rancho Mirage.

Location Location Location
This home will be located in a remote spectacular secluded area in the city of Rancho Mirage.  The home will be gated at the front while naturally fenced with a steep rock face at the property rear and sides. Even though the estate is conveniently located close to Hwy 111, the lot pad height is slightly lower than the surrounding areas.  This designed pad elevation combined with the surrounding rock mountains at the property line eliminates any urban traffic noise while providing incredible natural mountain views and afternoon shade.

Brand New 200 Year Old Estate 
The owner wanted the home to have a "200 year old look" when finished. We used paint splattering to match a weathered finish, old world tile, local rock and petrified rock on many of the turret faces.  The wall elements were purposefully designed to give a perception of 2 to 3 foot thickness with varying heights and wall treatments.  The roof tile will be the traditional two piece clay with fire burnt marks.  The exposed lumber surfaces will be large rough sawn green lumber sand blasted to expose the grain with minor natural heat caused grain splits, sealed with a light gray brown stain to finish off the old aged weathered wood look.

Portion Of Color Board

Our Energy Efficiency Makes It Cheap To Keep
The interior dwelling space has our top of the line energy designed system.  Included are five separate high efficiency forced air- air conditioners.  Each air conditioner is additionally zoned into 2 or more cooling areas. This design allows us to create up to 8 individually timed and thermostatically controlled heating or cooling zones. 

The owner now can selectively cool only the portions of the home he resides in by setting the thermostats manually or by timer. Example; during the night, they can choose to only cool the Master Bedroom Suite and the small walk area to the water closet/lavatory room. Since no one is ever in all the rooms at the same time, why cool all the rooms all the time?  

Reducing Carbon Footprints Before It Was Trendy
Our tradition of thoughtful heating and cooling design helps large home clients pay a  small home electric utility bill. We have been doing this type of energy saving design way before it was trendy to do so or even required to do so by recent code. Our designs have not only reduced the "carbon footprint" of our homes, but have also protected our clients from having to pay high summer utility bills.  

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